Ch CrownRoyal Breakaway For Tea CGC

Multiple Sporting Group
 Specialty Winner
Junior Showmanship Partner Extraordinare to Brittani Kettleson
Sire of Multiple Specialty Winner & Multiple Sporting Group placement winner

Your presence we miss
Your memories we treasure
Loving you always
Forgetting you never

CH CrownRoyal's Breakaway For Tea

CH Salilyn's Condor

CH Salilyn's Dynasty

CH Telltale Author

Ch Salilyn's Aristocrat

Telltale Victoria

CH Stepney's Cinderella

CH Salilyn's Private Stock

Ch Salilyn's Delight

CH Salilyn's Emblem

CH Salilyn's Private Stock

Ch Filicia's Bequest

Ch Salilyn's Sonnet

CH Salilyn's Prima Donna

Ch Salilyn's Design

Salilyn's Preference

CH Wil-Orion's Tea For Two

CH Ocoee Faux Paw

CH Wil-Orion's Sentimental Journey

CH Lordilea's Dexter Dean

CH Wil-Orion's Lacey Walker

CH Loujon Lisa

CH Canamer Commodore

CH Loujon Spring Line

CH Wil-Orion's Freedom's Choice

CH Krystal's Exclusively Thomas

CH Salilyn's Exclusive

CH Lady Adamant Krystal

CH Neogahbow's Lola of Tyrol

CH Winacko's Editor's Choice

CH Salilyn's Sincerely Yours