Ch CrownRoyal's R-E-S-P-E-C-Tea
(Ch CrownRoyal's Teater Totter x Ch Dartek's Eldamar Influence)
Multiple Best Of Breed wins from the classes
Specialty Major Winner, Best In Sweepstakes Winner
National Class Winner
dam of Best in Sweeps Winner, Specialty Major Winner, Best Puppy Winner

Baby Aretha (6 weeks old)

CH CrownRoyal's R-E-S-P-E-C-Tea

CH CrownRoyal's Teater Totter

CH Breakaway's CrownRoyal Mr. Tea

CH CrownRoyal's Breakaway For Tea

CH Salilyn's Condor

CH Wil-Orion's Tea For Two

CH Breakaway's Simply Amazing

CH Salilyn's Lincoln

CH Legendary's Amazing Grace

CH CrownRoyal's Tea at Wil-Orion

CH Salilyn's Condor

CH Salilyn's Dynasty

CH Salilyn's Emblem

CH Wil-Orion's Tea For Two

CH Ocoee Faux Paw

CH Wil-Orion's Freedom's Choice

CH Dartek's Eldamar Influence

CH Wil-Orion's Heartbreaker

CH Wil-Orion's Eldamar Fanta C

CH Good Will Genuwin Remarque

CH Eldamar's Morning Star

CH Wil-Orion's Prize Possesion

CH Ocoee Faux Paw

CH Wil-Orion's Freedom's Choice

CH Eldamar's Dartek Key 'Em Up

CH Telltale Eclipse

CH Telltale Scruples

CH Autumnfire Artesian

CH Neogabows Eldamar Spin Off

CH Telltale Author

CH Neogahbow's Indian Summer